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From Sail Loft to Salt Loft

Giving used materials a new life, ‘upcycling’ or as we like to call it-turning Rags into Bags!

Transforming used materials and old salty sails into highly functional, unique bags takes place in five stages:

We do our upmost to source best and most beautiful raw materials and recreate them in to unique on-off items. Each has its own story whether a retired high performance racing sail to a roadside banner, one is just as important to us as the other.

When I cut my first sail my husband went week at the knees! He spent many years as a dinghy sailor caring and doting on a new set of sails, carefully rolling them and trying not to crease them. The thought of me with my 12 inch shears slicing them in into shapes was seen as pure sabotage!
From the crispiest of racing sail to the softest cruiser sail we can accommodate all with little waste saving the smaller off-cuts for our smaller templates. Sails and banners are reinforced with baton pockets, clews eyelets and shackles – and all that has to go.




Amazingly, 95% of our bags are produced from one piece of cloth. A template is produced out of card which is laid out on the cloth in a way to make best use of the features and detail on the material that is to be up-cycled.  One after the other they are cut by hand with a sharp pair of shears. This is where the process takes place that makes our products one-of-a-kind in the truest sense of the word: each one is unique because there is not another one like it in the world.

Sail are generally quite clean but tend to be very salty. They are beautified with fresh water as marks like rust, shroud marks and evidence of their previous live are with them for ever! Sails and banners are usually cut and then washed in a machine or just a light rinse will do.


The cut-out pieces are then ready to be transformation into fun, practical but most importantly personalized, unique items where their legacy can live on.