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Printed Clothing


Printing on to clothing is a versatile branding option, and there are many different production processes depending on the individual brief.

Factors we take in to account include how many garments are being ordered, the type of clothing required, size of the design, how many colours are included and any individual detailing. We can then recommend the best fabrics and printing options for your individual needs.

A few examples of our in-house garment printing methods:

​​​​​​​Full colour print and cut


  • State of the art technology gives full colour intricate detail
  • Customised cut lines to match corporate logos
  • Ideal for sportswear; it allows stretch in the fabric and prevents dye bleeding

Vinyl Printing

​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​
  •  good method for making simple designs stand out
  • Easy and cost effective for large eye-catching graphics
  • Limitless colour options and effects such as animal print, glitter and carbon
  • Multiple layers can add different colours for a truly versatile printing method
  • Long lasting vibrant print perfect for full colour designs
  • Only available for white T-shirts at this stage